Re: 747-400F

From:         pleavin@HK.Super.NET (Mr Ted Pleavin)
Organization: Hong Kong Supernet
Date:         04 Mar 95 23:27:45 
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Mary Shafer ( wrote:
: On 28 Feb 95 22:57:36 , (Robert Ashcroft) said:

: RNA> I've wondered about what a 747-400F would be like with a
: RNA> stretched upper deck devoted to passengers.  It would be sort of
: RNA> like one of those cruising cargo ships that have a small number
: RNA> of passenger cabins.

: The 90-second evacuation requirement is the real limitation, I think.

I think you might also find that passenger terminals and freight 
terminals do not match up very well.  Most passengers I've ever seen 
would not want to be put into any freight terminal I've been in :-)

Cheers Ted.

p.s.  Mary I do remember the upper deck lounges.  At Canadian Pacific 
Airlines they were decked out as old railway club cars.