Re: 747-400F

From:         Nicolas Ercan Murat <vis@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Date:         04 Mar 95 23:27:45 
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> For an emergency evacuation situation, you're right, but not for
> normal boarding and deplaning.  To my knowledge, no airline uses
> the upper doors for anything other than emergencies -- in normal
> operation, passengers board on the main deck then go up the stairs
> to the upper deck.  In the configuration Robert suggested, cargo
> is on the main deck so you probably don't even *have* the stairs
> and would thus be forced to board via the upper doors.

Actually, the 747-F's do have stairs connecting the two decks.  It's a pulley
system whereby a an inclined ladder comes down.  The main MUST be accessible
to the crew in case they have to access either the cargo or, more importantly,
the avionics/electronics compartment above the front landing gear (the manual
landing gear deployment is also there).  

An other point is that the upper deck does have some seats and a galley.  They
are used for crew rest.  Lufthansa is installing bunks and business class
seat for their crews too.