Thrust reversers

From: (R. & L. Chilukuri)
Date:         04 Mar 95 23:27:44 
Organization: Univ of California at San Diego
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Thanks for all the mail regarding T/R safety! I very much appreciate the 
cc-by-mail because my news-server is extremely slow with 
sci.aeronautics.airliners postings.

Tom and Dinesh: thanks for the tip regarding the NASA/FAA/Industry paper 
entitled ``Thrust Reversers - Are They Really Needed?" (authored by 
Hendersen and Yetter). I've managed to get a copy of the paper and read 
it with much interest.

Despite the excellent previous work by NASA, it would still be 
interesting to hear anecdotal narratives from pilots and operators.

					Krish Chilukuri
					Aero Group Leader
					Rohr Inc.