Re: EPR v. N1 for turbofan power setting

From: (dzul)
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Date:         03 Mar 95 02:27:50 
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Lakshmi N. Chilukuri ( wrote:

: EPR is the ratio of the primary (hot) stream total pressure to the 
: total pressure of the freestream. EPR should be greater than 1.0 if 
: the engine is running. So it is tough to accept your estimate of EPR=0.3 
: for flight idle power!

Maybe an EPR of 0.3 for flight idle is a bit on the low side but the EPR
reading can be less than 1. For the PW4056 (I only know about this
particular engine from experience) the flight idle is around 0.7 .

When the B744 is fully configured for landing ie with full flaps 
and gears down, the EPR setting is only around 1.07 .

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