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From: (George Hull)
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Date:         03 Mar 95 02:27:49 
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> Does anyone know if there is a sure-fire way to tell what kind of 
> wing-body fairings a DC-10 has?  I've noticed recently that they all seem 
> to be different.  Some have a large fairing at the leading edge of the 
> wing root that extends upward above the top surface of the wing, some 
> don't.  Some -30s have it, some don't.  Same with the aft end of the 
> fairing.  Some -30s have a long rear end, some don't.  Some -10s have it, 
> some don't.  Same story with the horizontal stabilizer fairing on the 
> fuselage.  Some have a rounded front end, some have a pointed front end 
> that almost touches the aft cabin door.

I flew as a cockpit crewmember on the DC-10 many years ago and my company
had about a dozen -10 variants.  Each had its own aerodynamic
"personality" since we had aircraft with different variations on the mods
you describe.  The same situation seems to apply to the L-1011, many of
which have a "fin" in front of the center engine inlet . . but not all.

> There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which type of airplane has 
> which type (or types) of fairings.  I thought you could pretty well say 
> that a -10 had one type and a -30 had the other, but it just ain't so.

I read today in Aviation Week that the MD-11 would now be supplied with a
new composite center engine inlet which would be installed on future
production aircraft.  I think that the improvements are introduced on the
assembly line and delivery position probably determines which mods a given
aircraft has . . although "customizing" airliners has been done to satisfy
individual airline requirements for a long time.

You can tell a -30 from a -10 when the wheels are down.  :-)