Re: A positive aspect of the DC-10?

From:         Mark Radovich <>
Organization: Wattle Lake Air Services
Date:         03 Mar 95 02:27:49 
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:
Newsgroups: sci.aeronautics.airliners
Re: A positive aspect of the DC-10?
 >With regard to the original poster's question, I've never heard of
 >United pulling a stunt like American's pseudo-non-stop on a regular
 >basis, and UA 48 is listed as an OGG-SFO non-stop without enough
 >time in the schedule for such foolishness, so I'd guess they do have
 >enough runway at Maui to get a full load on its way to California.
This reminds me of the days that United used to run B747-SP's from Los Angeles
to Sydney, Australia non-stop.  Well almost non-stop.  You see their aircaft
were powered by JT9D's which weren't as fuel efficient the RB211 powered ones
as operated by Qantas. (Only five RB211 powered B747-SP's were ever produced
and Qantas still operates two of them.)  We used to chuckle to ourselves as we
would hear on HF, United altering their flight plan in order to drop in to Nadi
or Auckland to pick up fuel.  This mainly happened in the southern winter when
the westerly winds aloft are strongest.  So much so for direct services!

Mark Radovich