Re: 747-400F

From: (George Hull)
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Date:         03 Mar 95 02:27:49 
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> I've wondered about what a 747-400F would be like with a stretched
> upper deck devoted to passengers.  It would be sort of like one of
> those cruising cargo ships that have a small number of passenger
> cabins.
> I very much doubt that Boeing would ever make such a beast, but I
> wonder what the economics are like.  You can fit a decent number
> of passengers in the stretched upper deck.  You could see it as
> a Combi with a huge freight fraction.  (have they made -400 Combis
> yet?)

My understanding of the long-range 747 situation is that you can either
carry a lot of people a short distance or a lot of fuel to carry less
people farther.  I'm told that even the 747-400 can find itself tight on
fuel with a full load on a long stage length . . and long range is what
the -400 is all about.

> Getting people in and out of the upper deck might be a bitch,
> however.

Not any worse than it already is on a 747 with the stretched upper deck.