Inflight engine shutdowns vs. speedups?

From: (Eric Chevalier)
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest)
Date:         28 Feb 95 22:57:36 
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About a week or two ago a United 757 had to abort a landing approach at
LAX because it's right engine suddenly went to full throttle.  I happened
to be listening to the tower frequency at the time and the first calls
from the crewmember handling the radio suggested they had some major
control problems for a few moments.  (Ultimately the crew got the engine
shutdown and the flight landed uneventfully.  Although landing with one
engine on a wet runway must have been interesting.)

Which leads me to wonder: I know that flight crews (especially at the 
commercial level) get a good deal of training in unexpected engine-out 
situations.  But how about the opposite situation, such as this crew 
experienced?  Do unexpected engine "spin-up" conditions get as much 
attention during training?

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