Total Air DC-10

From: (Derek Hellmann)
Date:         28 Feb 95 22:57:36 
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One day about about 10-12 years ago I saw a Total Air DC-10 at Imperial 
Terminal, LAX.  It was in full Total Air colors with titles and I never 
saw it again.  Total Air, later renamed Air America, was a L-1011 
operator flying a handful of ex-Delta machines.  Trust me though, it was 
NOT an L-1011.  Everyone says that I probably saw an L-1011 instead but 
I know what I saw. I forgot the series and couldn't see the registration 
because it was parked nose first toward the terminal fence.

So, has anyone else on this planet ever seen a Total Air DC-10? Anybody 
know any details about this airframe,history, etc. (was it NTU)?
Help me!

D. Stewart