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From:         Jennings Heilig <jheilig@gate.net>
Date:         28 Feb 95 22:57:36 
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Hey folks,

Does anyone know if there is a sure-fire way to tell what kind of 
wing-body fairings a DC-10 has?  I've noticed recently that they all seem 
to be different.  Some have a large fairing at the leading edge of the 
wing root that extends upward above the top surface of the wing, some 
don't.  Some -30s have it, some don't.  Same with the aft end of the 
fairing.  Some -30s have a long rear end, some don't.  Some -10s have it, 
some don't.  Same story with the horizontal stabilizer fairing on the 
fuselage.  Some have a rounded front end, some have a pointed front end 
that almost touches the aft cabin door.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which type of airplane has 
which type (or types) of fairings.  I thought you could pretty well say 
that a -10 had one type and a -30 had the other, but it just ain't so.

Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

Jennings Heilig