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From: (Phillip Byrd)
Organization: Mordor International
Date:         29 Dec 95 22:22:24 
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I, too, flew the Electra to and from college in the 1960's- on American
Airlines (between Little Rock and Dallas Love Field) and Braniff (Love
and Denver Stapleton).  That was back when students could fly standby for
half price.  Sometimes I wound up in coach, but occasionaly in first
class.  Coach was in the front of the plane, first in the back.  And let
me tell there was quite a difference in the noise levels.

In coach, right up there with those four big Allison turboprops, was
pretty darned loud.  Those really were the "cheap" seats.  But in the
back of the aircrart, the seats were wider, the ride was smoother and the
noise level was way down.  If I remember correctly, the first class
section was the larger of the two.  Flying was truly a different
experience back then.

During that same period, I occasionally flew on a turboprop equipped
Convair- the 580 with Allison engines (I think) and the 600 with RR
engines.  I also had a few flights on the DC-6, DC-7 and even once on a
Vickers Viscount (old Capitol aircraft flown by United from Memphis to
Philadelphia).  Flying was certainly different back then.  People dressed
up to fly.  Food was often good.  And service was gracious.  Of course,
if we look at what it cost to fly back then (adjusted for inflation), we
understand why a lot of things were different.