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From: (Kevin Trinkle)
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Date:         29 Dec 95 22:22:24 
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In article <airliners.1995.2035@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Chuck
Forsberg WA7KGX) wrote:

>>>I'm a bit too young to have any experience on larger prop planes,
>>>were they comfortable? the antique "restoration" airliners
>>>I've walked through seem rather luxurious, 4 abreast, big
>>>windows, real aisles.

The military still uses chartered Convair 580s for the flight from NAS
North Island (NZY) to San Clemente Island (NUC). I've been on that flight
twice in my life (an impressive feat, considering I'm not in the
military), and don't recall the 580 being too loud. The operator (Renown
aviation) still had the original Frontier seats in it, which were rather
comfortable - and offered enough legroom for me to have a carryon under
the seat in front of me and still stretch. Try that today!

In 1992, when they used a Convair 440 operated by Air Resorts (and painted
like a banana - I've got a picture of it somewhere), that was rather noisy
- and scary. The 440 was scrapped earlier this year after they couldn't
fix one of its engines.

>I don't remember how noisy the Electras were, but nowadays it
>seems jets are just barely quiet and smooth enough to listen to
>a CD player but commuter turboprops are not.

It depends...the 580 we took out there was quiet and smooth, but the Great
American DC-9-15 we came back on was awful...I was in 15D (the engines are
at row 17), and could barely talk to my friend in 15F. Still had the
original Pratts...being in row 34 of an MD-80 is still quieter than these
things were, 3 rows away.