Re: High tech jets = High risk jets?

From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
Organization: DECUServe
Date:         29 Dec 95 22:22:23 
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>>>The most obvious exceptions to this local rule are SIA, Cathay and
>>>DragonAir.  All use expatriate crews extensivley and as such all enjoy
>>>a high saftey and service standard  ...
>>This is prejudice.
>>Do you really think that the nationality of the crew makes any difference
>>in terms of proficiency and professionalism?

Training is one thing. Experience is another thing. An airline wishing to
have a top quality and top safety image is not about to put a young guy fresh
out of pilot school at the controls of a 747-400 worth many milliosn of dollars.

An airline which operates in an area of the world which is not very well
regulated and has many airlines whose safety is doubtful will really want to
show that it is different from them and want to hire only experienced pilots.

An airline who is relatively young but operates a state of the art fleet will
initially not have enough in-house pilots senior enough to pilot these birds
AND give the comfort level to passengers that a guy with lots of experience is
at the helm.

So, airlines like Cathay and SIA hired experienced and senior pilots and most
of them came from countries such as the UK, Canada and Australia and USA.

Furthermore, if you look back at the time where these airlines were created,
cities such as Hong Kong showed a HUGE gap between the rich/educated expats and
the chinese masses living in poverty conditions. Few locals at the time had the
education that they now have. So, while the hiring of expat pilots may seem
racist nowadays, was it not their only option back then ?

The real question should be: How long because cities such as HKG and Sinpagore
will have enough experienced pilots born there so that airlines like Cathay and
SIA won't have to hire expats anymore ? My personal opinion is that it is
slowly happening now.