Re: First 757 crash (and first AA fatality since 1979)

From: (Mike Musielski)
Organization: Planet Access Networks - Stanhope, NJ
Date:         29 Dec 95 22:22:21 
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: >Does any one have any idea about what happened ?

Reports this morning from cockpit voice recorder and tower tapes seem to
indicate pilot and copilot engaged in conversation about flight
attendants schedules and passed the tulua vor which was an assigned
reporting point for a direct approach into cali 19 using the vor/ndb
approach. Plane was prolly on autopilot and they plugged in tulua
coordinates on the nav computor which caused autopilot to initiate a left
turn. Pilot realizing terrain and no turns should be happening at this
point flipped off autopilot and initiates a right turn to get back on
flight path down the valley smacked into mountain trying to climb with
speed brakes deployed and power added. At this point the speculation is
that the autopilot made the turn but the NTSB did make mention of the
autopilot mode being changed. If the turn was continued to
counterclockwise and the descent arrested at the point of the turn to the
right being initiated they prolly would have made it.