Re: Virgin 747 birdstrike

From: (Simon Craig)
Organization: OzEmail Pty Ltd - Australia
Date:         27 Dec 95 21:43:54 
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> My one experience with an in-flight engine failure was also on a 747
> out of SFO, in my case a United 747-422 on a short trip to Chicago.
> The #2 engine began overheating early in the takeoff roll.  We were
> using runway 1R, which isn't all that long and ends up in the bay,
> so the pilots elected to takeoff and return rather than reject the
> takeoff, which is never a pleasant maneuver.  We suffered a series
> of compressor stalls immediately after takeoff, which sounded and
> felt very much like the thump of the landing gear retracting, except
> *many* times louder, and repeating over about ten seconds.  Clearly
> not a normal takeoff noise, yet otherwise the flight felt perfectly
> normal until our usual turn to the right continued beyond the usual
> 90ish degrees, taking us onto a course down the bay.

Fascinating!  I know this sounds a bit weird, but I live for the day when
I'm on a plane with an inflight shutdown, compressor stall (or an RTO or
Go Round), maybe only if it's a 747, but I still think it would be
tremendously exciting.  If anyone has any similar experiences like the one
above, I'd love to hear them.


Simon Craig