Re: Virgin 747 birdstrike

From:         Ian Judge <>
Organization: Home
Date:         27 Dec 95 21:43:54 
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Steven G. Thomson ( wrote:
: I recall an incident several years ago with a Continental 747
: departing LGW at maximum takeoff weight, with a maximum crosswind
: component. They lost an engine during the takeoff run. The aircraft
: lifted off the runway, and was over-rotated by the flying pilot. The
: tower saw the aircraft clear a small hill and descend just past it.
: They assumed the aircraft was going to crash and called emergency
: equipment. The 747 descended to a very low altitude, and was recorded
: by a passenger with a video camera.

: The F/E started dumping fuel immediately, and they were able to begin
: a slow climb and return to the airport.

In the incident you are mainly correct however they effectively lost
the thrust from *two* engines. #1 was the first to go and then another
followed suit. The reports that the MLG hit the trees were incorrect
( Either that or they'd got rid of all the evidence when it was in
the hangar the next day. )

Ian Judge