Re: Virgin's 747s: emergency escape markings

From: (Simon Craig)
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Date:         27 Dec 95 21:43:53 
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> The markings are not just on their -400s.  I know I've seen them on at
> least one of their 747-200s, and I think I've seen it on several.  The
> markings are above the windows, either above each door or roughly
> midway between them -- I know I've got pictures around here somewhere
> but of course can't find them when I want them!  They mark the corners
> of a rectangle and include verbiage along the lines of "cut here in
> emergency."  I've never seen them on anything other than Virgin's 747s.
> (I haven't been close enough to one of their A340s to know if they
> have the same markings or not.)

These markings, I think, are peculiar to UK aircraft, because they are
amblazoned on British aircraft as well.  I work for Qantas, and we don't
have them, and I've never observed them on American reg. planes either.
Their purpose is as someone already said.  They mark safe areas which
emergency personnel can cut into the fuselage without fear of cutting
through wiring, airconditioning ducts, fuel, etc, etc, to gain access to
the cabin - and yes, it would necessitate removing the cabin roofing, but
that is an extremely minor consideration, as it is only held on be a few
plastic clips, after all.  It is a good idea, but though some other person
said they were mandatory on ALL aircraft, I have never seen them on any
aircraft other than UK reg. aircraft.


Simon Craig