Displaced Landing Thresholds

From:         Mark_Wiklund@hmco.com
Organization: Houghton Mifflin Company
Date:         27 Dec 95 21:43:49 
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I have a question, and it has to do with landing thresholds. I live in Boston
and so therefore spend much pleasurable time watching the activity at Logan.
Many of Logan's runways have displaced thresholds (33L/4R and 15R come to
mind). I assume 1) these displaced thresholds make approaches higher over
noise sensitive areas, and 2) that the ILS glide slopes intersect these
displaced thresholds rather than the actual advent of the runways. If I've got
all my assumptions in order, I have the following questions. First, are there
any legal or administrative penalties for landing short of these thresholds.
Second, once you've cleared the noise sensitive areas at proper altitude, do
you just aim for the numbers. And finally, is there ever any reason for the
ILS glide slope to be reset away from the displacement and back towards the