Re: Noise, size, and bypass?

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Date:         27 Dec 95 21:43:49 
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>The JT8D was designed mostly in the '50s and early 60s!  There are about
>8,000 of them around, all LOUD!

I suspect 8,000 is quite low -- 1,832 727s with three apiece, over a
thousand 1st generation 737s with two each, and several thousand DC-9s
and MD-80s with two each adds up to nearly 12,000, without counting
spares.  Other types, with smaller production runs, which used the
JT8D on at least some models include the Caravelle and the Mercure.

They're also not all loud, relatively speaking.  The MD-80 series uses
the JT8D-200 series engines which are quiet enough to meet Stage III
noise requirements.  Older JT8Ds, sans hush-kits, are indeed pretty
loud, though not as bad as an old JT3 or JT4 from a 707 or DC-8.

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