Re: Capabilities of airliners (was recoverable flight attitudes)

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>Do any of the current generation birds have outstandingly good
>reputations yet?

The Boeing 757 is widely regarded as being something of a rocket.
Coming up with any sort of definitive comparison is virtually
meaningless given the wide proliferation of engine and weight
options available on most airliners, but looking at "typical"
configurations that you might find on one of the major carriers,
the 757's thrust-to-weight ratio is clearly eclipsed by only one
Western airliner -- Concorde, and I believe that's with after-
burners operating.  (Lest the debate open again, I'll concede
that there may be a hotrod configuration of an A319 or something
that's better than a hypothetical overweight and underpowered
757 config.)

Once, after a largely empty flight from SFO to LAX that cruised
at 39,000 ft for barely over 5 minutes, I did some back-of-the-
envelope thrust/weight calculations.  Keep in mind that this
plane can haul nearly 200 people over 4,500 miles; we probably
had about 75 on a 337 mile journey.  The best comparison seemed
to be an F4 Phantom at full takeoff weight!!!

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