Re: Cockpit noise

From: (John Knopp)
Organization: APK - Internet Provider for Ohio.
Date:         27 Dec 95 21:43:48 
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Previously, wrote:

>>  I bekieve the 747, at high speed sounds a bit "windy" <<

Incredibly so.  8-9 hrs. in a 747 at .84M  will definitely kill your
interest in the "fine art of conversation".

As you stated, the windows are a big part of the problem but there is
also the small matter of the escape hatch right above the engineer's
head as well as the access door on the side of the fuselage at the rear
of the cockpit.  Both of these contributed a great deal to the noise
levels. I loved having those doors open at the gate to dissipate some of
the heat but inflight they were a nightmare!

I'm now on the DC-9 and I can't get over the difference in noise levels;
 you can actually TALK to the other guy!


John Knopp
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