Re: prop airliners (was Re: Airbus 3XX on the telly

From: (Jeffrey Hacker )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         21 Dec 95 14:01:44 
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In <airliners.1995.2026@ohare.Chicago.COM>
>I wrote :

>>Yeah, but the Bristol Britania had one thing the earliest DC-8's and
>>707's didn't - it could fly the transatlantic run nonstop
>you sound wistful....
>I'm a bit too young to have any experience on larger prop planes,
>were they comfortable? the antique "restoration" airliners
>I've walked through seem rather luxurious, 4 abreast, big
>windows, real aisles.

I never flew a Britannia.  I was pretty young in those days <g>.  But I
have flown the Lockheed Electra, DC6B, DC7(including DC7B and DC7C),
and Lockheed Constallation.  They were all nice airplanes, but the
Electra was particularly nice.  I keep telling myself I want to fly up
to Alaska so I can fly one on Reeve Aleutian or to the Northern
Territory in Canada on First Air (if they still have them) before they
are gone.  Lots of room, even in coach.  But somewhat rougher than a

I am not a fan of most commuter planes, although the ATR's and Saabs
aren't all that bad - just cramped.