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From:         Michael Carley <>
Organization: Dept. of Maths, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
Date:         21 Dec 95 14:01:44 
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  or MIME structure (Tim Takahashi) writes:

>I guess during the early 60's speed was everything, so
>the differences between the prop and jet were more dramatic.
>However, the 737-400 is no Convair 880 when it comes to
>cruise speeds. Is a 410mph prop-jet impractical a world
>of 510mph jets?

The strange thing is that, for a given speed, a propeller
is better (more efficient) than a jet. The problems are
that people don't like to fly in propeller aircraft
(``they're not real aeroplanes'') and at high speed,
propellers are very noisy. On the other hand, noisy propellers
keep me in a job, so I don't mind.

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