Re: Engine-Out Compensation System

From:         jconrad@u2.eminent (/E08618/jconrad/James Conrad)
Organization: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Date:         21 Dec 95 03:33:12 
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>  I'm looking for info on engine-out compensation systems.
>What aircraft have them?  How does the system work?
>Is there a nuisance failure problem with the system?  Any
>personal experiences with the system or comments on
>how it could be improved?
I'm aware of a system on the Swearingen Metro II which consisted of
a tail mounted RATO bottle which was armed on takeoff and fired
if either engine lost torque.  I don't remember all of the details
but I believe that it burned for about 10 seconds and gave you
time to get the gear up etc.  It was designed for aircraft
operating at high density altitudes.  I believe that it was
installed on some of the aircraft operating in the Rockies and
on the Swiss aircraft.

			Jim Conrad