Re: Virgin 747 birdstrike

From: (Lars Blomberg, Alfven Laboratory, Stockholm)
Organization: Plasma Physics, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
Date:         21 Dec 95 03:33:07 
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>: 3. Further to the discussion on 747s flying on 3 engines, I can report that
>: despite losing one at what I assume to be a fairly critical time, and being
>: fully loaded, ours did just fine. In fact until I saw the fuel venting I
>: thought the bump was just one of those bangs and scrapes that happen
>: naturally during takeoff....
>Hope thie reassures you. Previously if you'd thought about this scenario it
>would have stoked your fears. Now you can just take it in your step.
>( By the way two engine shutdowns can be coped with )

Is it really true that two-engine shutdowns can be coped with? I seem
to recall an El Al 747 freighter that lost two engines shortly after
take-off from Schiphol in October 1992. If memory serves, it ended up
crashing into a residential building short of the airport while trying
to return to it.