Re: Tower Air 41 incident at JFK

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Date:         21 Dec 95 03:33:06 
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AllanElkowitz <elkowitz@> wrote:

>As I watch television here, Channel 4 has just shown live pictures
>of a Tower Air 747, Flight 41 bound for Miami, which has skidded off
>the runway at JFK when the front landing gear seems to have collapsed on

>One of the engines (#4?) is lying on the ground a few plane lengths
>from the aircraft and passengers are being evacuated.

>The news media reports that there were only a few minor injuries and
>variously reports 350-400 passengers.

The story on the news here is that the pilot aborted take off due to
excessive ice on the runway.  The aircraft then overshot the runway,
and the nose gear collapsed, and presumably this is when the nacell
separated.  The news also reported a total of 425 pass & crew, with 40
minor injuries.... There is an FAA and NTSB investigation pending..