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From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         23 Feb 95 02:12:20 
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	The intended answer to the pop quiz is the Convair 
110/220/340/440/540/580/640.  The engines are:

	P&W R-2800 Twin Wasp piston engine
	Napier Eland turboprop (Alleghany flew them as the 540)
	Allison 501 turboprop
	R-R Dart turboprop

However, people have pointed out to me that the DC-3 has five 
manufacturers represented:

	Curtiss R-1820 Cyclone (pre-war DC-3s)
	P&W R-1830 Twin Wasps (military C-47s)
	R-R Dart (BEA had two)
	P&W Canada PT-6 (several recent conversions)
	Mikulin M-25 (Soviet Li-2s)

and it occured to me that the Caravelle has four:

	R-R Avon (early models)
	P&W JT8D (later models)
	GE CJ805 (a one-off prototype, the "Santa Maria")
	GE/Snecma CFM 56 (as a testbed)

and the 707/720 has seven(!):

	R-R Conway
	GE/Snecma CFM 56
	P&WC PW 100, 300, 500 (on a testbed)
	Garrett TPE 351, TFE 731(?) (on a testbed)
	CFE (GE/Garrett) CFE 738 (on a testbed)
	IAE V2500 (on a testbed) (IAE is P&W/R-R/MTU/IHI/Fiat)

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