First 757 crash (and first AA fatality since 1979)

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Date:         21 Dec 95 03:33:05 
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American Airlines' flight 965 from Miami (MIA) to Cali, Colombia (CLO)
crashed tonight at approximately 945p local time, within the last five
minutes of its final approach.  (Scheduled departure was 440p with an
arrival time of 825p, so it was over an hour late.)  Some reports said
the pilots reported engine trouble.  Witnesses claimed the aircraft
exploded BEFORE crashing into a mountainous area, though the veracity
of the timing in such reports is notoriously bad.  Presumably all 159
people aboard (151 passengers and 8 crew) were killed.

The accident aircraft was a Boeing 757, the first 757 to crash.  (One
other 757 has been destroyed -- in 1990, a China Southern 757 was
damaged beyond repair while parked at Guangzou, China when it was hit
by a hijacked 737.)

Given the report of engine problems, it seems appropriate to note that
all of American's 757s have Rolls-Royce RB.211-535E4-B engines.

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