Re: landing in fog

From:         Doug Moss <75500.2007@CompuServe.COM>
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Date:         20 Dec 95 15:52:07 
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Each airplane, crew, and approach procedure has a matrix of
certification for weather minimums.  Most major airports have
what they call ILS Category II minimums - where the pilot (if
certified for Cat II), and airplane (if certified for Cat II) can
go down to 100 ft above the ground with 1/4 mile visibility.
Categroy III crews, aircraft, and runway combinations can go down
to either 100 ft, 50 ft, or 0 ft if so qualified.

For any given day, i.e. landing at LAX on a foggy day, one could
easily find onself diverting to Las Vegas because either the
pilot, airplane, or airport wasn't certified for the kind of
weather the pilot found when he reached his "decision height"
above the ground.

Believe me, its a whole lot better for the pilot in command
determine that it's not prudent to land and divert to an
alternate airport than to try to squeak by and land when he
didn't have adequate visual reference to the runway at decision

Doug Moss