Re: Question about European JAA & JARs

From: (Julian Scarfe)
Organization: University of Cambridge
Date:         20 Dec 95 15:52:06 
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In article <airliners.1995.1974@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:

> JAR's are by themselves not legally binding. Anyhow, some are enforced
> by the European Commission and therefore are mandatory. The rest of the
> JAR's would only be legally binding if the national authorities would
> convert them into national law - which fortunatelly didn't happen yet.

... except in the land of the overzealous bureacrat.  The UK recently
incorporated into law an EU directive requiring mutual validation of
licences of JAA states.

> The JAA is a strictly technocratic group of people, lacking any
> democratic structures. Recently it's work was heavily critizised
> for ignoring safety factors.

I can't comment on the successes or failures of the JAA but the motivation
behind its formation was laudible enough.  Europe occupies a small enough
geographical area that it is seriously disadvantageous to have the rules
change every time you cross a border.  Some degree of standardization is

Julian Scarfe