Re: AA BDL MD-80 Incident

From: (Keith Brewster)
Organization: None
Date:         20 Dec 95 15:52:05 
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In article <airliners.1995.1952@ohare.Chicago.COM> John <> writes:
>>> The problem
>>> seems to be an incorrect altimeter setting/ indication problem as the
>>> pilots were 300 ft. lower than they thought.<<<
>Altimeter settings are only updated once and hour in the Artcc's. During
>periods of rapid change the setting given to a pilot by a center controller
>may be off be several points.

Since this discussion has been revived, the facts, once posted,
seemed to have been forgotten.  The altimeter setting they were using
was _two_ hours old, during PRESFR conditions.  I haven't heard an
authoritative explanation for why, yet.