Re: Virgin's 747s: emergency escape markings

From: (Steven G. Thomson)
Organization: A poorly-installed InterNetNews site
Date:         20 Dec 95 15:52:04 
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>Does anyone have any more information on the matter ? As well, what sort of
>interior arrangements have been done ? The positioning of these areas leeds me
>to beleive that the rescuers would also have to punch through the overhead
>luggage racks after they punched through the skin of plane.

>Is Virgin the only airline to have such markings. Is this a feature unique to
>Virvin's 747-400s or are all 747-400s like that with other airlines not having
>markings ?

If I recall correctly, all British-registered airliners have those
exterior markings.


Steven Thomson
St. Louis, Missouri - Gateway To The West