Re: Virgin 747 birdstrike

From: (Steven G. Thomson)
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Date:         20 Dec 95 15:52:03 
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>3. Further to the discussion on 747s flying on 3 engines, I can report that
>despite losing one at what I assume to be a fairly critical time, and being
>fully loaded, ours did just fine. In fact until I saw the fuel venting I
>thought the bump was just one of those bangs and scrapes that happen
>naturally during takeoff....

I recall an incident several years ago with a Continental 747
departing LGW at maximum takeoff weight, with a maximum crosswind
component. They lost an engine during the takeoff run. The aircraft
lifted off the runway, and was over-rotated by the flying pilot. The
tower saw the aircraft clear a small hill and descend just past it.
They assumed the aircraft was going to crash and called emergency
equipment. The 747 descended to a very low altitude, and was recorded
by a passenger with a video camera.

The F/E started dumping fuel immediately, and they were able to begin
a slow climb and return to the airport.


Steven Thomson
St. Louis, Missouri - Gateway To The West