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Date:         20 Dec 95 15:52:02 
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>Interesting. There was mention that an engine in a 747 could also be in
>use on a twin with ETOPS.

Don't take that too literally -- in most cases they would be slightly
different variants of the engine.  For example, the United 747-422 I
was on had PW4056 engines.  United's 767-322(ER)s have PW4060 engines,
not quite the same, but very close.  I believe it's a fairly simple
mod to convert one to the other, and United could swap them, pylon and
all, since Boeing designed all three 747-400 pylon/nacelle versions
(GE, PW, and RR) to be interchangeable with those on newer 767s.

It hadn't occured to me that there would be an ETOPS issue with the
747, but the pilots explained it to me while grousing about all the
extra paperwork they had to do.

>Do pilots know How much thrust is actually produced by an engine ?

Only indirectly -- see past discussions on EPR indicators, which you
should be able to find in the archives, which you can find via the
group's home page at

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