Re: Airbus 3XX on the telly

From: (Jeffrey Hacker )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         20 Dec 95 15:52:01 
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>Since the oldest 747s are 25+ years old, "30 years ago" would be 1965?
>I believe you are talking about the Bristol Brabizon from 1946 or so.
>I recall it had 8 Rolls-Roycle Merlins driving co-axial propellors
>It seems that its much smaller brother, the Bristol Brittania
>was a bit more succesful... though both Brittania, Constellation,
>Stratocruiser and DC-7 didnt fare too well in competetion with
>the 707 and DC-8.

Yeah, but the Bristol Britania had one thing the earliest DC-8's and
707's didn't - it could fly the transatlantic run nonstop - I remember
old El Al ads for their service from New York (Idlewild) to London with
the heading "No Goose, No Gander" meaning they didn't have to stop in
either Goose Bay, Labrador, or Gander, Newfoundland because they were
flying the Bristol Britania.