Re: High tech jets = High risk jets?

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Organization: CyberGate
Date:         19 Dec 95 02:03:07 
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That sort of "journalism" is the problem.  Sure, 58% (or whatever the
figure is) of people killed in aircraft accidents were killed in "high
tech" airplanes.  Within a few years, that figure will no doubt be up to
an astonishing 95%, I divine.  How so you say?  Well, look at the numbers
of people flying on board "high tech" aircraft vs. people flying on "low
tech" aircraft.  It's  a simple fact of arithmetic that as more airlines
fly more "high tech" aircraft, and there are still crashes (as there
always will be), more and more people as a percentage will die in those

Jeez...I'm not even a rocket scientist and I figured that out.  Sounds
like Sam Donaldson journalism to me.

Jennings Heilig