Re: Question about European JAA & JARs

From: (Peter Gugerell)
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Date:         19 Dec 95 02:03:06 
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On 10 Dec 95 02:51:40 (Alain Deckers) wrote:

> Can anyone enlighten me about the structure of the European JAA and
> the way that JARs are elaborated (is it a top down procedure or do
> national CAA authorities have to propose new regulations before the
> JAA will consider them)? Also, how does JAA liaise with the FAA?

The JAA (Joint Aviation Authority) is not part of the European
Commission, but a "club" of Aviation Authorities. Originally it
was founded to harmonize airworthiness regulations across Europe.
Nowadays it tries to harmonize other regulations as well - with
little success so far.

JAR's are by themselves not legally binding. Anyhow, some are enforced
by the European Commission and therefore are mandatory. The rest of the
JAR's would only be legally binding if the national authorities would
convert them into national law - which fortunatelly didn't happen yet.

The JAA is a strictly technocratic group of people, lacking any
democratic structures. Recently it's work was heavily critizised
for ignoring safety factors.

Best regards: Capt. Peter Gugerell, Austrian Airlines

PETER GUGERELL * Vienna, Austria **********