Re: Boeing System Enables 747s To Navigate By Satellite

From: (FMCDave)
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Date:         19 Dec 95 02:03:05 
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Jennings Heilig wrote

>At long last (or is that lat/long last?), the FAA has joined the 20th
>Century and realized that GPS and not MLS is the wave of the future?
>Hooray for them...

The news release didn't give all of the information which I presented at
that conference.  I do have the complete paper.  If anyone wants a copy,
just EMail to me directly and I'll send it to them.

By the way, we are actively pursuing obtaining Cat I landing certification
for this  architecture.  We believe that we have sufficient integrity and
accuracy with the current implementation to satisfy the requirements.
This will be done without  any augmentation.

Right now the GPS installations available for the
737-300/400/500/600/700/800, 747-400, and 777 (with Market B) will give
authorization for near CAT I approaches limited to 250 ft.  Some call
these "non-precision" but it is difficult for me to call them that when
they are done with lateral and vertical guidance.

David Allen
Project Manager, CNS/ATM
Opinions are mine and not Boeing's