Re: Virgin's 747s: emergency escape markings

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Date:         19 Dec 95 02:03:05 
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>>a Virgin Atlantic 747-400 ... had some markings in 2 or 3 places,
>>somewhat well above the windows.  These markings *seemed* to
>>indicate where escape would be possible

>I might be able to find out the answer if I knew the following:

>   o  approximate row number
>   o  and what markings led you to believe that they pointed to emergency
>entry points

The markings are not just on their -400s.  I know I've seen them on at
least one of their 747-200s, and I think I've seen it on several.  The
markings are above the windows, either above each door or roughly
midway between them -- I know I've got pictures around here somewhere
but of course can't find them when I want them!  They mark the corners
of a rectangle and include verbiage along the lines of "cut here in
emergency."  I've never seen them on anything other than Virgin's 747s.
(I haven't been close enough to one of their A340s to know if they
have the same markings or not.)

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