"Falling from the Sky" nitpicks

From:         musjndx@gsusgi2.gsu.edu (Jonathan N. Deitch)
Date:         23 Feb 95 02:12:19 
Organization: Georgia State University
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Saw the film last night, was pretty good ... some questions, though ...

Airplane taking off *was* a 767, wasn't it ?  I thought it looked like one ..

However, was the airplane when it landed at Grimley ?  Looked waaaay too
small to me ... more like a baby sized 737 ... I thought 767's had those
*huge* engines on 'em and this plane had much smaller ones.

Also, why in hell did everyone run out the back door when the forward
cabin door was *open* with slide chute deployed ?  Did this occur in the
actual event ?   Seems silly for the crew to climb back up the rear
chute (which was *very* steep) when they could practically step inside
the forward door with the front gear collapsed ...

Also, did you notice when the RAT deployed and the power came back on, there
was a comment made about "emergency instrumentation" yet all the computers
came back on (I seem to remember reading about the incident and mention was
made that the computers did NOT come back on) not even mentioning that the
*cabin* lights were on too ... awful lot for a little turbine to drive,
you know ...

Not to mention how the air traffic controllers were listening in on the
radio after the landing when there should have not been any power ... the
ram air turbine would have stopped spinning when the airplane stopped moving.

Oh well ... chalk up another one for Docu-Drama ...

- Jonathan
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