Re: Engine-Out Compensation System

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Date:         19 Dec 95 02:01:00 
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Dan wrote

>  I'm looking for info on engine-out compensation systems.
>What aircraft have them?  How does the system work?
>Is there a nuisance failure problem with the system?  Any
>personal experiences with the system or comments on
>how it could be improved?

>  I'm aware of two systems, one on the KC-135R and the
>other on the Shorts 330 (USAF C-23A).  I've been able to
>speak to one pilot of each type but want a broader base
>of experience.

The Boeing airplanes which I am familiar with (and have an autothrottle)
detect an engine failure and provide thrust compensation.  If the airplane
has a Flight Management Computer, it will compute the best EPR/N1 targets,
fuel/time/performance computations.

I was highly involved with the development of the Autothrottle for the
737-300 and was Project Manager for the A/T for the 747-400.  Whilst
neither of these autothrottles were perfect, I never received an inservice
report of a nuisance trip of this feature.  This is probably due to the
control law design which utilizes actual thrust as one of the determining
factors for tripping the logic.

David Allen
Project Manager, CNS/ATM
Opinions are mine and not Boeing's