Re: What's in a model number? (MD-95 Structural Specs)

From: (Russell K Ching)
Organization: California State University Sacramento
Date:         18 Dec 95 15:26:11 
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spagiola ( wrote:

: Proposals to re-engine DC-9s periodically surface.  Air Canada, Northwest,
: and Finnair all seriously considered such schemes in recent years.  On
: these older airframes, though, it turns out hush-kitting was the better
: deal, economically.  We may yet see DC-9s being re-engined.

There was also the problem of the weight of a new engine and its impact on
the airframe.  As I recall, at the time Air Canada and MD were
investigating this option (i.e., replacing the engine), there was also no
engine available with the appropriate thrust.