Re: New A330/340 models

From: (Luis Babicek)
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Date:         18 Dec 95 15:26:08 
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spagiola ( wrote:

: I don't have exact range figures handy, but if the A310-300 can't match
: the 767-300ER, I'd imagine you could get it to.  But the A310 is a smaller
: aircraft.  Just as there have been few sales of the 767-200 (which is a
: closer match to the A310), there have been few of the 767.  The A300-600,
: on the other hand, is still based on the original A300 wing (the A310 has
: a different wing), so that design is reaching its limits.  So shrinking
: the A330 makes sense.

Just for the record, Aerolineas Argentinas operates A310-324 (P&W4000)
from Buenos Aires (EZE) to New York (JFK). This flight can take anywhere
from 10 to 11 hs, depending on weather, ATC, etc. To achieve this, the
aircraft had to be fitted by Airbus with supplementary fuel tanks, in
detriment of the cargo carrying capacity.

United operates B767-300's on this route and so does American.