Re: Big Twin Competition (was Re: Boeing/MDC merger)

From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
Organization: DECUServe
Date:         18 Dec 95 15:26:03 
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In most of the discussion about the 777 against Airbus, the 777 is pitted
against the 330 with arguments that the 330 isn't doing well.

I was under the impression that the 777 was in competition against the DC-10
and the A-340, so it is really fair to compare sales of the 330 against those
of the 777 ?

Since the next variant of the 777 seems to be the long range one, it would seem
that Boeing is really eying the 340 market, right ?

Should we compare airliners by their number of engines alone, or shouldn't
range/capacity be a more important factor ?