Re: Airbus 3XX on the telly

From: (Tim Takahashi)
Organization: University of Rochester, School of Engineering
Date:         17 Dec 95 14:06:23 
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C.A.R.Beveridge \(Colin\) <> wrote:

>I thought it was interesting that a British company had already built
>such a massive jumbo 30 years ago, but nobody would buy it. It looked
>like a 747, except the hump went all the way along the fuselage. The
>problem was that the designers filled the space with cabins and lounges,
>and it took 12 hours to make an Atlantic crossing, so it was clearly
>uneconomical. Had they packed it full of seats, may have been popular
>with airlines.

Since the oldest 747s are 25+ years old, "30 years ago" would be 1965?
I believe you are talking about the Bristol Brabizon from 1946 or so.
I recall it had 8 Rolls-Roycle Merlins driving co-axial propellors

It seems that its much smaller brother, the Bristol Brittania
was a bit more succesful... though both Brittania, Constellation,
Stratocruiser and DC-7 didnt fare too well in competetion with
the 707 and DC-8.