Boeing System Enables 747s To Navigate By Satellite

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Date:         17 Dec 95 02:11:50 
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 HONG KONG, Nov. 29, 1995 -- The Boeing 747-400 is
 aviation's first jetliner to be equipped and certified
 with a new air traffic management system that can
 potentially save the airlines millions of dollars by using
 satellite navigation and communication, said David Allen,
 Boeing CNS/ATM project manager.  Allen made the comments
 today in a presentation at the ATC Asia Pacific '95

 An upgrade to the flight management system, Future Air
 Navigation System 1 (FANS 1), allows the 747-400 to make
 primary use of Global Satellite Positioning System (GPS)
 equipment to determine accurate positions anywhere in the
 world.  A two-way data link system allows the aircraft to
 communicate with air traffic control and airline flight
 planning operations.

 "The FANS 1 upgrade represents the first step in improving
 the industry's Air Space Management System which
 integrates the core communication, navigation and
 surveillance performance requirements," said Allen.

 "Today's Air Space Management System uses lateral and
 longitudinal separation of approximately 80 nautical miles
 over the ocean," Allen said.  "Because FANS 1 provides
 accurate automatic position reports,  it initially will
 reduce both longitudinal and lateral separation to 50
 nautical miles.  Further refinement is expected to reduce
 separation to 30 nautical miles by the end of 1996."

 This significant reduction in separation permits aircraft
 to fly more direct and fuel-efficient routes, especially
 over oceans and undeveloped countries where surveillance
 radar is not available.  In-flight course adjustments and
 prompt clearances, via the two-way data link, enable
 pilots to seek the most cost-effective routes.

 The FANS 1 system includes GPS as the primary navigation
 sensor, Automatic Dependent Surveillance and air traffic
 control and airline company data link.

 "The development of FANS 1 for the 747-400 was a
 cooperative effort by airlines, ATC service providers,
 Honeywell and Boeing," said Allen.  "Air New Zealand,
 Cathay Pacific, Qantas and United Airlines participated in
 most aspects of the development effort.  They selected the
 functions to be implemented and helped design much of the
 flight deck interface."

 "The Boeing Company," said Allen, "is in the process of
 implementing FANS 1 on the 777, 757, 767 and 737

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