Re: Difference between engines 1 & 4 of the boeing 707

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Organization: CyberGate, Inc.
Date:         17 Dec 95 02:11:49 
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On 10 Dec 1995, Marcelo F.Cosi wrote:

> Does somebody know why the engines-arm were different in most of the
> 707's?????

	The 707s carried an accessory turbocompressor, and depending on
	what type of 707 (and what customer) you're talking about, the
	arrangement of them on the pylons varied.  Most 707-320B/C series
	aircraft (except for American Airlines) had T/Cs on all but number
	one engine.  The number one pylon was a straight line all they way
	from the leading edge down to the cowling.  The others have a "hump"
	on them with a small intake at the leading edge.  This is the intake
	for the turbocompressor.
	On USAF EC and some RC-135s, there were T/Cs on numbers 1, 3 and 4
	leaving #2 without one.  It looks decidedly strange, but that's the
	way they did it.  On most 707-120B and 720B aircraft, there were T/Cs
	only on the two inboards, leaving both outboards with "humpless"

	Jennings Heilig (my other car is a 707)