different type of wing lets

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Date:         17 Dec 95 02:11:49 
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I wonder if anyone can enlighten me a little more about wing lets.
What is the difference between the wing lets that are fitted on the 747-400,
G-4, some modified 727, and the A-340, which are only at the top of the wings,
like this ____/ ,  in contrast with those on the A-320 and A-310 which seem
to have a wing let on both sides, like this ----I, the upper and the lower
I have seen several Delta 727 with wing lets fly in and out of my
home town airport, but never got a real close look at one, until last week
where I saw a cooperate 727 that is based at the company I work for with
wing lets.  Looks real sharp, kind of puts the 727 into the current era.

Thanks in advance. TRM