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From: (C.A.R.Beveridge \(Colin\))
Organization: Electrical Engineering Department, University of Edinburgh
Date:         10 Dec 95 02:51:44 
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In article <>, Michael Carley <> writes:
> For those of you who can get BBC2, there'll be a programme
> about the 3XX on Tuesday night (the 5th) at 8.00pm in the
> series `The Limit'.
Yes, I watched that, a very amusing look at the possiblities of building
a large jumbo - that Frenchman with the big moustache in charge of the
project was much more charismatic than the Boeing 777 project leader.

I thought it was interesting that a British company had already built
such a massive jumbo 30 years ago, but nobody would buy it. It looked
like a 747, except the hump went all the way along the fuselage. The
problem was that the designers filled the space with cabins and lounges,
and it took 12 hours to make an Atlantic crossing, so it was clearly
uneconomical. Had they packed it full of seats, may have been popular
with airlines.

Something else the programme pointed out that I hadn't thought of -
the space taken up by landing gear is a problem with big jumbos,
particularly the inward-folding outermost rear wheels which necessitate
a bulge in the hull to fit them in. Also the noise when landing,
since this is generated by the air displacement rather than the engines.


Colin A R Beveridge

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