Re: ground control hand signals?

From: (Mary Shafer)
Organization: NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards CA
Date:         10 Dec 95 02:51:40 
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In addition to John Clear's excellent list,

Unplug the start cart   - hold left hand up vertically, with right
  (or GPU)                   hand horizonal (like a time-out T, only
                             sideways).  Pull right hand away from
                             left hand, "unplugging" it.

Control surface checks  - Imitate the motion of the surface with the
                             appropriate hand.

A number of the actions are initiated by the pilot, either to request
something from the ground crew or to announce an event.  The ground
crew echoes the command to confirm understanding and then either
performs the requested action or waits for the event.  The pilot, for
example, requests pulling chocks and unplugging the start cart, since
those are performed by the ground crew.  The pilot announces engine
start, with the crew confirming, since the pilots starts them.  When
the ground crew confirms engine start, this tells the pilot that it's
safe to continue--no one's standing in the wrong place, for example.

I should mention that usually the ground crew is up on intercom, with
a headset with a very long cord plugged into a receptacle in the nose
gear wheel well or with a low-power transmitter, when the plane is in
the chocks.

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